What’ll It Go For???

Whats your guess?? Check out our "What'll It Go For???" and submit what you think the high bid will be. Closest to the actual high will get a DCX gift!

We don't have any live contests right now.. We will start shortly

Completed Contests

How to Play

1) Whenever the founders of DCX saw an interesting vehicle being auctioned online or on TV, we would text each other and ask "What'll it Go For?"
2) We do this so frequently, we thought it would be fun to formalize it amongst the entire DCX community.
3) We will select certain DreamCars which we will ask the community to guess what the high bid will be. The guesses will be kept blind until the auction closes in order to not influence the outcome of the auction itself.
4) We will then share the results and send a cool gift to the winner as the best auction estimator!!!