Brand of Vehicles A Little About Our Experts

Mike Daino

Porsche Mike has been a motor-head from a very young age. After experiencing his initial addictions to Go-Karts and motorcycles, Mike learned to drive a manual transmission car in a field behind his grandparent's home. He was only nine years old and the car was a 1957 Corvette! Growing up with many sports cars in his family, from his father's Corvettes and Jaguars to his mother's Triumph Spitfire, caused Mike to begin a life long passion for the best of the best, the Porsche®. Mike started his career as a mechanic working on VWs and Porsches. In 1991, Mike formed POWERTECH, an exclusive Porsche® only service facility located in Rockaway, NJ, with Keith Peare. Today Mike has owned over a dozen different types of Porsche® vehicles and currently campaigns a 2006 Cayman S in multiple driving event functions and also has a 987 Boxster S for the street. Both are Speed Yellow!