About Us

Welcome fellow car lovers to DreamCarXchange, a site for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts!  We are an online marketplace community where car (and truck!) aficionados go to share their car passion and to buy, sell and trade enthusiast-type pre-owned cars utilizing an auction format.  What’s an enthusiast type car you ask?  Well here are some examples:

  • Muscle and Pony Cars: GM, Mopar and Fords from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s
  • American Sports cars such as Corvettes, Cobras (including replicas) and Vipers
  • European DreamCars from makers such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Maserati, Jaguar, Lotus, McLaren, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes AMG, BMW //M, Audi S/RS and Aston Martin
  • 80’s/90’s/00’s fun cars such as hot hatches, Japanese sports cars (NSX, RX7, Supra, 300ZX, VR4/Stealth, etc.), etc.
  • Fun Daily Drivers: E39 BMW with sport pack and manual transmission, not a typical current model 5- Series….
  • Trucks/Sport Utes from Land Rover, Porsche, Mercedes G-Wagons, throwback 4×4’s from the past
  • Something Unique/Interesting

DreamCarXchange was founded by two neighbors that share their love for cars.  Here is a little bit about us:

Shawn Cudnik

My fascination with cars started a very young age.  I took interest in my father’s hobby of buying and selling cars including numerous Corvettes, a Daytona 500, GTOs, Mustangs, and even a 1973 Chevy Luv Pickup with a 350 engine crammed in it!  Soon began the collection of car magazines and a roomful of exotic car posters.  One summer while in college, I got a job working at a pre-owned exotic dealership in Port Jefferson, NY called MotorSport. It was there that I drove my first DreamCar, a black 1987 Porsche 911 coupe. It took me about 2 blocks of driving to realize that I needed to have a 911…  About 10 years later my dream came true when I bought a 1989 Porsche 911 Turbo, Grand Prix White with matching painted center wheels and Cashmere interior.  My obsession has continued to grow, resulting in a second garage with a lift being built a few years ago.

From a professional standpoint, I have been a Strategic Procurement advisor and trainer for 20 years, where since 2001 I have utilized online auctions to help generate greater market competition for my clients buying various goods and services.  In 2006, I started a second business buying/selling/locating pre-owned Porsches and other high-end cars.  The experience and passion of these two careers have now come together to drive the formation of DreamCarXchange.

Chris Feind

My love for cars also started at a young age, evidenced by my extensive Matchbox/Hot Wheels collection which has since been passed on to my son. As the youngest of three brothers, family also influenced my appreciation. My father and many of his friends were collecting, modifying and racing cars and motorcycles while I was growing up. Dad would make regular weekend trips to Watkins Glen and other tracks, meets and car shows. When my oldest brother purchased a 1981 Corvette, I set my sights on having one myself (but one with chrome bumpers and a clutch). After years of saving paper route, dishwashing and waitering money, I searched for months before finding my first DreamCar – a Mulsanne Blue 1971 coupe, which I still own today.

I began my career 25 years ago as an accountant in the financial services industry and have held various positions of increased responsibility since that time. I obtained my certified public accountant’s license in 2002 and currently serve as the assistant treasurer for a mutual fund family.

A final note about us is that THIS IS OUR PASSION!!!  We LOVE cars and have been fortunate enough to have owned lots of fun ones over the years including a ’69 Chevelle, a ’79 Z28,  a lifted Toyota 4×4, 80’s/90’s cars such as Fox platform Mustangs, a Dodge Shelby Charger (fun pocket rocket), a C3 Corvette (the one mentioned above that Chris bought at 16 years old with paper route money, and still in his garage 30 years later!), numerous Porsches (air-cooled, water-cooled, 4 generations of 911 Turbos, Caymans), Audi’s and BMW //M cars, and some exotics such as a mid-engine Ferrari and Lamborghini, and an Aston Martin.  Fun fact – all of these were three-pedal cars except for one of the Mustangs!

We look forward to you sharing in our obsession…